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Okay, so after being a bit inspired by finding some unused scenes coded into the game on youtube, I decided to go after my own project: tearing apart the Persona 4 iso to find hidden stuff. The result? A ton of audio that was never used.

I will explain context for everything, as there is generally canon-used audio surrounding it. Bear with me, though. There are thousands upon thousands of audio files in the game, and I'm going through every one to post anything relevant (or cute, if it's not particularly special). Sometimes it takes me referencing canon itself to make sure I'm not mistaken, though so far, I've been fairly accurate with my findings. There will be times I may leave in a used line for context or convenience, too! Things that are more than three lines will be zipped for convenience's sake. As I get to it, I'll also zip up all the audio from the various s.links by character! Everything is in a .wav file, because that's what the converter does.

In any case, feel free to share it! It would be nice to get credit ([personal profile] yasogami/[livejournal.com profile] samarecarm/[tumblr.com profile] windamps/[twitter.com profile] mediarahan/[plurk.com profile] trollzaya are all me!) for ripping and uploading the audio. ♥

So here we have it, part one of the Unused Persona 4 audio!

Social Link:
FIRST | SECOND | THIRD | FOURTH; Though it's difficult to assume context, this appears to have bearings to something similar to a lover's route. It replaces some of the normal dialogue in the later Rank scenes. The last three are also consecutive, similar to the girls' reactions if you chose to make their relationships intimate. I will also note that the "don't go" is different than the one he uses in the true ending battle!
FIFTH; Alternate Rank 9 dialogue. Replaces the "You're special to me, you know?" line.

Explanation; A cut line from his theorizing to Chie and the MC about how the TV World works. Occurs after the assembly scene on 4/15.
Yosuke still doesn't get it; 4/15, Yosuke still trying to understand what Teddie is explaining to him about the TV world.
Rawr, my ass!; Yosuke's response to the first time Teddie "RAAAAAWR"s in frustration/confusion. Occurs on 4/15, during the scene where they're trying to explain to Teddie that they're not the ones responsible.

Shadow Yosuke
Shadow Yosuke and Teddie (ZIP FILE); some alternate dialogue prior to the battle between the MC and Shadow Yosuke.

"Sorry."; a test upload. Figured I would throw it in anyway.

Teddie's surprise.; expressed after the fight with Shadow Yosuke.
Teddie hides; explaining what he does when the shadows come out.

ONE; just a random quote from a battle. again, for testing purposes.
Nao-chan's in danger!; Teddie support line for Naoto!

Yosuke and Chie
ONE | TWO; dialogue exchange between Yosuke and Chie just after the animated cutscene when they first enter the TV World. After he says "I think my butt's cracked," this occurs.
ONE | TWO | THREE; exchange between Chie and Yosuke en route to Mayumi Yamano's "reality."
ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR; Yosuke and Chie try to figure out what happened after falling into the TV World.

Yosuke and Teddie
What are shadows? (ZIP FILE); Yosuke asks what shadows are in their first meeting with Teddie on 4/14.
No seriously, what are shadows? (ZIP FILE) ; Yosuke once again questions this, en route to the Twisted Shopping District on 4/15

The MC is shy!; said to the MC on 4/11, over dinner on his first night with the Dojimas.

Morooka is sexual harassment; said by an NPC just after the announcement to stay in their classrooms on 4/12

Saki Konishi
Just Kidding!; alternate reading of her line during her exchange with the MC.

I promise in the future I will be more organized about this. It's a mess because I was testing the programs, but it'll be more logical and thorough in the posts to come!
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you're amazing the end
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best christmas eve present ever!!!
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I am totlaly wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

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Nobody else seems to be having this problem, but my computer cannot open the files.... they cause an unknown error to happen D:


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Nice work =]


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Help, I've been informed and I can't become igorannt.

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None of the links seem to be valid anymore when I click to download them. Is there anywhere else you can upload them? Thanks!

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Can you reupload the links? They seemed to have expired.


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I was geeking out the whole way tughorh this. The music, the art, everything is just so stylish. I'm a huge fan of the game and have finished it 100% on hard. I'm most curious as to whether or not the lead is going to have a romantic relationship and if he meets all the social links. I don't think some of the minor links will be introduced at all in the 24 episodes. Also will the lead bother join a Club?

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Could you reupload the files? They all seem to be down.

I need them. o_o

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Can you re-upload the files please, particularly the Yosuke S. Link ones? I'd be so grateful. ;_;